In 1861, when Ignatz von Pexzelly was a young boy at the age of eleven in Hungary, he attempted to free an owl from a vine in his parent's backyard. During the struggle he broke one of the owl's legs. As he was at close range to the owl's eye, he saw an immediate occurrence of a black bar across one eye. Ignatz nursed the owl, bandaged the broken leg and observed the bird for several years. As the owl healed, the original image of the black bar and the colour of the bar changed.

Eventually the young boy grew up and became a medical doctor. The incidence with the owl never left his mind. As a doctor he continued to observe and study his patients. Before long he found the connection of the image in the eyes of his patients to the state of his patients' wellness.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, a chiropractor, was the leading pioneer in North America who studied and researched the science of iridology in his own clinic, and with masters around the globe for 50 years. Dr. Jensen developed the most comprehensive chart of the iris, which is used by iridologists and doctors all over the world.


The eyes are closely connected to the brain. Actually, the eyes are an extension of the brain, just like a computer monitor showing the output of data produced in the hard drive.

The brain is the central computer for the body. It recognizes, transforms and processes all activities and information (ie. shock, trauma, stress) both internally and externally into biochemistry.

The iris, which is the coloured part of the eye, is like a map showing the specific position of organs and types of tissue and its changes. Communication between the iris and the brain occurs through impulses to the nerve fibre in the eye, the optic nerve and the spinal chord.

Any changes in the body can be seen in the iris up to two years before a physical manifestation occurs.

Lymphatic Rosary


The chart of the iris indicates the position of organs and tissues relating to all systems of the body. Nutrition and iridology are intrinsically connected. All pathological conditions have a nutritional aspect. The greatest potential of iridology is in its entire reflection of the human body, which includes emotions, strengths and weaknesses of organs and tissues. Iridology is a medical methodology second to none for prevention. Allopathic medical professionals diagnose specific illnesses or pathological symptoms; an iridologist does not. Iridology deals with the whole person and the identification and removal of the underlying cause of the illness.

The digestive tract, from the mouth to the anus, is the first organ developed after conception. After the full development of the body, each segment of the colon remains connected to a specific part or organ in the body and will always remain as a reflex point throughout a person's life. Consequently, the colon is the number one indicator of overall health.

A sluggish digestive system (liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas) creates toxicity in the colon that seeps into the blood stream and affects every cell throughout the body. The blood, a communication and transportation organ is only as clean, healthy and vibrant as the colon.

80% of the North American population is chronically ill. The root cause is diet, lifestyle and a neglected digestive system.


A long-term scientific nutritional experiment with two groups of cats produced very eye-opening results. The first group of cats was fed with natural, vital and unprocessed cat food, remained healthy and showed no abnormalities in their behaviour. They also had healthy offspring continuously.

The second group was fed with processed, canned food from the supermarket. All cats became sick and displayed abnormal behaviour. The third generation of cats could not carry a fetus to full-term. These cats had continuous miscarriages or became sterile. There was no fourth generation.

The good news is that it can be changed. Cats from the second group were put on natural, vital, unprocessed food just before the point of no return in their severely degenerated state of health. These cats recovered completely and the newborns were healthy as well.


Hering's Law states "All cures start from the inside out, from the top down (head - brain) and in reverse order as the symptoms first appeared."

Nature does not negotiate. The body in its infinite wisdom knows how to heal itself. Equilibrium is always the first priority. Iridology assists us in recognizing the body's messages.

Every effect has a cause. There is a light at the end of every tunnel. In the tunnel of ill health and disease the light of health is reflected in the eye.