Juergen's Portrait

Juergen Maimann was born the first of four children in 1938 in Berlin, Germany. He grew up, lived and worked around Munich, Germany. Juergen first studied agriculture and over his lifetime, added several other professions. In 1974, he immigrated to Canada with his wife and two children. He studied with the Canadian Institute of Iridology and received his Practitioner Diploma in 1997. Membership with the Canadian Iridology Association is maintained today with ongoing education in Nutrition, Herbology and Homeopathy.


At nine years of age, Juergen suffered with Whooping Cough and was unconscious. As good fortune would have it, ten days later a weakened Juergen came out of his coma. However, there was no medicine available that the doctor could offer. Instead, he took Juergen's parents into the nearby forest and introduced them to the plants and roots that nature provided.

The most important plant was none other than the infamous dandelion - root, leaf, and stem. Juergen's parents followed the doctor's instructions precisely regarding the preparation of the herbs and soon thereafter Juergen recovered.

This wonderful doctor not only provided sustenance from God's Pharmacy for Juergen but he also taught him to connect to nature as the alternate source of wisdom and vitality. Today, Juergen lives in deep gratitude to this teacher and passes his knowledge on to his patients.


Juergen's youngest brother was born at the end of the Second World War. Food was scarce and mothers removed wallpaper from the walls to make soup to feed their children. Juergen's brother suffered from epileptic seizures as a result of malnourishment.

The recommended allopathic treatment at the time was to pump air under the scull, putting the brain under pressure. Juergen's father rejected this treatment and instead, his son was fed fresh raw vegetable juice consisting primarily of carrots and red beets, steamed vegetables and the water from cooked potatoes. Today, potato water is not something we could eat due to the changes in our ecology. After one week, the result was no more seizures. Today, Juergen's brother is a healthy young man of 65 and a self-made millionaire in the automobile industry thanks to the POWER OF FOOD compared to the power of drugs.


Juergen Maimann, C.C.Ir, R.D.M.T. - Reflex Deep Muscle Therapy, Reflexology, Astrological Wellness Counseling, Herbal, Nutritional & Homeopathy Products.

Juergen is a Certified Clinical Iridologist and Deep Muscle Therapist. Clinical Iridology refers to the application of Western & Eastern Herbs as well as Homeopathy to restore balance and wellbeing.

Juergen is available for Lectures and Appointments.


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