1. Upon rising immediately drink a tall glass of clean, clear warm water. DO NOT USE TAP WATER. The water serves as a vehicle to transport toxins out of the body. It also stimulates metabolism, peristaltic movement of the intestines, and replaces the liquid lost during nocturnal sleep. As the day continues be sure to drink a minimum of seven more glasses of water, either 10 minutes before and/or at least an hour after meals.
  2. Next undertake some physical exercise such as:
    • Skin brushing
    • Walking
    • Stretching
    • Rebounder or trampoline
    • Swimming
    • Aerobics with or without music
    Note: These exercises are most effective in fresh air, open window or out doors.
  3. Hydrotherapy. Shower warm first and enjoy the warm water on our body. Be totally present and in the moment. It is preferable to have a filter on the showerhead that removes all the impurities from the city water. The body takes on a considerable amount of water through the skin.
    Now change the water to cold and no compromise, cold means cold. Use an extended shower hose and start on your right foot move the shower head around like a massaging hand from the foot sole to the top of the foot, while you stand on one leg. The foot contains all the nerve endings from the entire body. This movement and the cold water act similar to a reflexology treatment.
    Continue the cold massage of water in vertical movements up to the right hip, now change over to the left side and continue as you did on the right side with the same motions. If this is your first cold water experience you might decide to stop here and repeat the exercise the next morning.
    On your second day repeat as above for both legs and continue with the right hand. Cup your hand to collect the cold water briefly and go on to the entire arm. Bend over slightly so that the arm hangs down straight and relaxed. Repeat with the left arm. By this time you have covered both right and left feet and legs, and both right and left hands and arms you may decide to stop here for today.
    On your third day repeat the exercise with feet, legs, hands and arms as described above. Now include the entire front of the body including the face as well as the neck, back and buttock areas.
    It is very important to maintain a positive attitude during this entire procedure. Some suggestions include the following:

    • Visualize every single cell in your body as smiling and giggling like a happy baby with new diapers and a full tummy.
    • Make as much noise as possible from the bottom of you lungs. Do not hold back on any emotions you experience during the cold water exercise. Yell out loud "I love life." Or "Life is wonderful."

With this warm and cold shower technique you are working your body like a sponge. Under the warm water influence the cells expand and get saturated with blood. By switching to cold water you now shrink and squeeze the blood and toxins out of the cells. The body detoxifies and rejuvenates at the same time. The cells are also triggered to produce glutathione, your body's own most powerful immune booster, antioxidant and cleanser.

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