"Almost everyone I put on Immunocal tells me that they feel better as soon as they start taking the product. This is explained by the fact that Immunocal brings to all the cells in our body, the building blocks necessary to produce glutathione, a small protein that each cell needs to function properly. In severe asthmatics taking Immunocal, the attacks become less frequent and less severe. The need for medication is decreased, they sleep better, they don't miss work or school as often, resulting in a better quality of life."
Dr. Jean Marcoux, M.D., FRCP (C)

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"Immunocal is the future of the wellness movement - nothing else I know can impact the ability of every cell in the human body to defend itself from the common pathological mechanisms. To raise glutathione levels is to reduce premature oxidation, to quench destructive free radicals and help detoxify the poisons inside each cell when it needs to. Only Immunocal is clinically proven to do that in a safe, effective and convenient way."
Dr. Allan Somersall, Ph.D., M.D.
Author of "Breakthrough in Cell-Defense"

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"Immunocal works and it's safe. I believe it is the most effective antioxidant available. In addition, Immunocal is the best way that I know to support and maintain the immune system. This is especially important at a time when medicine is beginning to recognize how many diseases are caused by a deficiency of the immune system. But that's not the whole story - just as important, are the people behind the product."
Dr. Tom Kwyer, M.D.

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"Current research is uncovering the fact that the underlying culprit in most disease and aging processes is free radical damage and oxidative stress. Therefore, the most reasonable way to combat these degenerative changes is to find a safe and effective way to raise anti-oxidant levels. Research has concluded that glutathione is the crucial anti-oxidant. I believe that Immunocal is the safe, effective, and natural way to raise glutathione levels. Taking Immunocal everyday should be a vital component to anybody's proactive health plan."
Dr. Tom Iwama, M.D., BSc.
General Practitioner

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"I am an Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon and when I first heard about Immunocal I wasn't very interested. When I finally read the clinical studies about Immunocal and realized how this product worked on optimizing the immune system response, I felt strongly that this product was going to have a major impact on the health profession and I wanted to be a part of it. I feel more convinced today about the impact of Immunocal on the health of people after having seen such dramatic health results of those people on it."
Dr. Jim McCallum, DMD, CD, FICD.
Oral Maxillo Surgeon

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