Based on the amount of pollution in the air we breathe, acceptable contamination and chemicals in the food and water we consume and the thoughtless exposure to other people's contagious ailments we encounter on a daily basis, everyone should be taking Immunocal™/HMS90™. Your immune system is the only natural defense your body has against these harmful intruders. Immunocal™ or HMS90™ as it is called in Canada helps keep your immune system at its optimum level so it can effectively combat these constant threats to your body.

If you are middle-age or older, you have probably witnessed changes in your body's appearance when stepping out of the shower and standing in front of a mirror. Most of the changes seen in our reflection are actually originating from the changes taking place inside the body. It is nature's way of letting you know your body is gradually losing the ability to maintain itself. Many people, who witness changes in their appearance, will run out and buy vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements in hopes of regaining their youth. Others will begin diets or exercise and jogging routines in an effort to improve their body's appearance and perhaps their overall health.

Unfortunately, few people ever consider their immune system. Very few really know anything about their immune system and how it is supposed to function. Most people take the immune system for granted. The truth is, even the healthiest immune system fluctuates on a daily basis.

Strenuous exercise, dieting and fatigue from working can all reduce the efficiency of our immune system, The lower your immune system drops, the more vulnerable you become when exposed to virus or flu bacteria and other contagious ailments.

Every part of your body competes for the antibodies produced by your immune system. Your liver is the filter system for your body so it demands a majority of the available antibodies to combat chemicals, pollution and toxic substances that enter your body.

Each organ within your body has a specific and dedicated function. Your immune system is a guardian to protect the health of each organ and your entire body. Nothing can do more to protect your overall health than maintaining your immune system at its optimum level. In fact, researchers have found that a low immune system drastically reduces the benefits a person can receive from vitamins, minerals and other supplements. This finding holds true with many treatment medications. The lower the immune system, the less effective any treatment becomes. So, if you want to get your money's worth from the medications and supplements you take you should elevate your immune system first. Immunocal™ or HMS90™ is patented and supported by clinical studies to perform according to its manufacturer's claims.

Research has determined that once a person passes the age of fifty, the efficiency of their immune system can drop as much as 34%. Perhaps this explains why so many seniors are making more frequent trips to their doctors. A daily dose of Immunocal™ or HMS90™ will maintain the immune system at its optimum level which can allow the body to provide a natural defense for combating aging and many of the age related ailments.

More and more healthcare professionals are in agreement. Based on the lack of natural nutrients in the food groups, people should be taking nutritional supplements to ensure their own better health. The most recommended are vitamins, minerals and antioxidants Immunocal™ or HMS90™ is not only an antioxidant but it provides the body with the ability to take full advantage of any other vitamin, mineral or antioxidant supplements.

Of all the supplements available on the market today, Immunocal™ or HMS90™ is the only natural product that is specifically produced to elevate your body's immune response system.

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