Step 1: Drainage (Opening the Organs of Elimination)

Drainage refers to the opening the primary elimination organs which are the liver, the kidneys, the colon, lungs and skin. Why is this important? To process the release of toxins: like heavy metals from the air we breath; like pestisides and herbasides from the food not completely cleaned; from the dental work like amalgam and or mercury or even sitting in the back seat of your limo or taxi where there are more toxins than where the driver sits. Other toxins to consider are metabolic toxins produced by our own body to create the body's own fuel and the energy and vitality to live.

Step 2: Remove Blockages (Energetic, emotional, physical, trauma)

Once drainage has commenced, the next step is crucial in removing the toxic silt that the drainage process has stirred by way of removing these blockages. This requires dealing with the underlying cause or causes.

Cramp Rings or
Nerve Rings

The Science of Homeopathy

Definition of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method, which clinically applies the Law of Similars and uses botanical, mineral and other substances in a weak or infinitesimal dose.

What is the Law of Similars

The Law of Similars sates that the same thing, which causes the disease, cures the disease.

History of Homeopathy

Hippocrates already recognized the Law of Similars twenty -five centuries ago.

Christian Samuel Hanemann, a German physician, chemist and toxicologist began experimenting upon himself and those around him with every medicinal substances known in his time. He applied the substances (aconite, belladonna, Ipecac, mercury, etc.) on healthy people and studied the health altering effects.

He took the same substances and gave them to sick people in very weak or even infinitesimal dose which actually healed the sickness.

Hanemann concluded: "It would appear that remedies are capable of curing symptoms analogous to those, which they themselves produced."

For example: Ipecac in large doses causes nausea and vomiting in healthy people. In small doses it cures nausea in patients suffering from dyspepsia.

The result of his longtime studies and experimentation is published in his book called "The Organon of Medicine" first published in 1810. The first edition was re written in 1819, 1824, 1829 and 1833. (1996 Reprinted edition ISBN 81-7021-085-2) Hanemann proved scientifically that nature's biological law, The Law of Similars, works persistently and consistently. Haneman was a genius born two hundred years ahead of his time.

In 1933, The German physician Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg began to expand on Hanemann's work. Dr Reckeweg published the Materia Medica, first edition in English in 1983. His father had been cured of a serious degenerative kidney disorder with homeopathy.

How Does Juergen Maimann Use Homeopathy

Juergen has been a student of Homeopathy for the past 14 plus years. He continues to study under such mentors as Dr. Michael Adams of Milton; Ontario, Dr. Gerard Gueniot and Dr Patrick Depoers of Belgium, Europe; Dr.Dick Thom of Portland, Oregon, USA; Dr. A Smit of South Africa.

Juergen uses homeopathy to treat the whole person including mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Homeopathy works at the underlying cause and supports the body in it's own effort to heal itself.

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The Pattern of Your Whole Being is Under Your Feet

When mankind went barefoot, walking on sand or uneven ground that was a partial reflexology treatment. India, China, Egypt, and other countries practiced reflexology thousands of years ago.

When we put on shoes we lost the direct contact with the earth and were no longer grounded to it. We also lost the natural exchange between the body's electrical/magnetic currents and those of the earth's.

Nervous people pace back and forth, wringing their hands, rub hands together, bite their nails and even handle beads or rocks. Unknowingly they are relieving tensions by working the reflexes.

Reflexology works on the same principles as acupuncture and acupressure. Working on reflex areas sends impulses along a pathway to effect changes in a corresponding body part. The latest scientific theories from the International Institute of Reflexology is that foot reflexology changes the rate and speed of electrical impulses in the body which results in a change in body chemistry.

An example of how reflexology works.

I spent several hours in the waiting room at the Winnipeg airport. A family with a crying child arrived. The child was persistent in it's expression of it's discomfort. After 30 minutes the mother with her child sat at one side of the hall and the rest of the people moved to the very opposite side of the hall. I introduced myself and explained to the mother that she could stop the child's pain if she would work the child's bare feet with her hands. She followed my advice at once. Ten minutes later the child stopped crying and shortly after began to giggle to the surprise of all the people in the room.

I had the same experience on a bus ride from Calgary to Edmonton with a mother and her fourteen-month-old child.

Jesus said: "If you want to heal somebody touch the feet". Maria Magdalene did it for him.

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